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October Sky by Homer Hickman
What Sonny had to overcome
Passages from October Sky

Homer "Sonny" Hickman overcomes the odds

Summary: October Sky by Homer "Sonny" Hickman is a true story about the author.  He grew up in Coalwood, Virginia.   In Coalwood the residents live by mining the coal.  Football scholarships or enlisting in the army are the only ways to escape Coalwood.  But Sonny finds that he has bigger dreams in mind then mining coal or playing football; he looks to the sky.  He wants to be by the side of Dr. Wernher von Braun, a NASA engineer.  Dr. von Braun works on building rockets.  Sonny wants to help build them.  This book tells how Sonny almost hits the sky and overcomes the odds.


Coalwood is the setting of the book.

Homer finally gets a rocket off the ground.

This is Sonny's highschool

      The Characters
The characters in this book are
Homer "Sonny" Hickman
Sherman, Billy, Quentin, Roy Lee (friends of Sonny)
Miss Frieda Riley (science teacher)
Homer Hickman (Sonny's father)
Esiel (Sonny's mother)
Tag (police officer)
Jake Mobsy (engineer and friend of Sonny)
Dorothy Plunk (supporter/friend)
Mr. Bykovski (machine shop worker)
Daisy Mae (cat) and more...

made by: Ryan Lenehan for Mrs. Notts 7th hour class

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