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October Sky by Homer Hickman
Passages from October Sky


What Sonny had to overcome
Passages from October Sky

People Against Sonny Building the Rockets
Pooky- "Well, looky what we got here-Homer's little rocket boy" he said nastily. "Heard the da** thing blew up. Did your daddy help you build it?" pg.58
Jim- "I just wanted you to know how really great it is to have a brother who's a complete moron." pg.57
Jim- "Everybody's laughing at the family because of you." pg.57
Sonny "I think someday there will be a trophy in here for the Big Creek Missile Agency?"
Mr.Turner frowned deeply. "And what, pray tell, is the Big Creek Missile Agency?"
"Our rocket club," Quentin hesitated.
He looked at  me closely. "Mr, Hickman, isnt it? Jim's brother? Did i not hear that you blew up your mother's rose-garden fence? That sounds much more like a bomb than a rocket. Gentlemen, let me make this perfectly clear to you. I will not tolerate a bomb club in my school. And as for trophies, Mr. Hickman your brother and the football team don't need your help."